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Anonymous said: Hello love! can I say how amazing your writing is? It's amazing! If it's not too much trouble, could I get a ship? The name is Lola, I'm 5'7 tall, I have green eyes and long blonde-ish brown curly hair, I'm very sassy -it's not even funny- and a huuuuuge bookworm, I act like i'm strong but i am not, trust me if i see a spider i'll probably die, I will always do what I can to protect my loved ones, and don't know if this counts as something but i'm Latin! if you don't wanna do it it's okay :)

I ship you with:


Okay let’s admit it.You and Derek;totally different.When he met you,he actually viewed you as another teenager.But as soon as he got to know you he fell for you hard.You would always find something to tease him and be sarcastic about and he would roll his eyes with a small smile.You sure fight a lot,but you know he loves you and he knows you love him too.You two just can’t live without eachother.

Best Friend:


You and Stiles are just born to be besties!You get into trouble together all the time and you are the cutest friends.He’s always there when you need him,especially when you fight with Derek.He would just go to him ,starting to yell at him for upsetting you and always ending up with a new bruise,but he didn’t care.You two love being sarcastic with people and with eachother.

Cute Couple Moment:

"Derek!Seriously?!"you shouted as you eyed your now destroyed book.He had wolfed out earlier,causing him to snap and just destroy items with his nails.You kept yelling at him,extremely pissed off and he waited until you stopped,just looking at you.Then,out of the blue,he just pinched your nose,with a huge goofy grin and leaned in to kiss you."You’re cute when you’re angry."

His favourite picture of you two:You were in the kitchen making an orange juice when Derek sneaked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.Peter saw and took a picture,so he could mock Derek later,about how much he’s soften up.

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Me whenever I see stiles with malia
lydiaforstiles said: Hi! :) Can I get a ship? My name is Darsea, I'm 5'2 have blue/green/grey-ish eyes and medium light brown hair. I love hanging out with friends & singing but am also pretty shy when you first meet me. I love to stay home listening to music, watching movies or playing sims :) Thanks in advance! <3

I ship you with:


image Stiles worked hard to get you,since you were pretty popular and a lot of boys asked you out.He couldn’t believe it when you agreed to go on a date with him.He just loves staring into your eyes for hours,holding you in his arms while you are focusing on the movie you both agreed to watch.He always finds you shy side cute and he thinks that when you blush,it’s the most adorable thing on earth.

Best Friend:



You and Danny have been friends ever since you moved to Beacon Hills.He was the first person to approach you and show you around.He always likes to stay home with you doing homework together ,playing video games and talking about your favourite musicians.He always knows how to make you smile.

Cute Couple Moment:


Stiles had spent the night at your place and you were sleeping together cuddled up in your bed.Suddenly he shot up from his sleep with a scream,causing you to wake up too.He was breathing heavily as he ran a hand through his hair.You run your hand up and down his back in an attempt to calm him down.”I-I’m sorry,I just..I hardly get any sleep with all this stuff going on.” he murmured looking at you with an apologetic look.”It’s fine,just try to calm down,’kay?” you said softly,stroking his cheek.He just nodded and laid back down on the bed,pulling you down with him,holding you tightly.You started to softly murmuring him a lullaby and he soon fell asleep peacefully,hearing your voice.

His favourite picture of you two:


Allison thought that it was just adorable that stiles lifted you up,screaming when they won a lacrosse game,so she took her phone out to take a picture.

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braeden: i know what you want
derek: [don't look at her boobs]
derek: [doooon't look at her boobs]
derek: [not her mouth either jesus fuck hale keep it together]
derek: [oh god i'm so transparent]
braeden: you want what kate stole from you
derek: yes. that. exactly that


derek “respectably not turning around while his lady changes” hale

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kira: maybe we should just let the adults handle it

Adorable . :3